Looking back at when I started meditating regularly, I wish I’d had a teacher sitting with me every day. Not to help me relax or guide me “deeper” but someone to help me persevere over hours, days, weeks, even years.

For many – if not most – people, meditating regularly is a struggle, even though they know that every minute spent meditating is worth an hour. Of course, feeling the struggle can be a part of feeling your Self growing, just like muscle pains after a workout. However, I never felt it necessary to induce excessive pain to live a blissful life somewhere down the road.

My offer on this website is not for those who seek or need the struggle—it’s for those who want to enjoy the benefits that meditation has to offer.

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I can help you start, restart, or solidify your meditation practice. I will be with you and sit with you – over Facetime or Zoom – while you meditate. I’ll help you focus on not focusing. I’ll provide as much or as little instruction necessary. I’ll be with you to help you solve the paradox of making the most of your session while not striving to make it “right.”

In doing that, I am your commitment device to help you do what you’re yearning for but somehow “just can’t get around to.”

Online programs and meditation apps only go so far in helping you persevere: It’s just too simple to “forget” using a meditation app when all those candy-coloured icons and red dots are vying for your attention. Human commitment devices, however, can work wonders: Strangely enough, we all behave differently when we know that we’re being watched, especially when being watched benevolently.

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Meditation is about seeing reality as it is. This is particularly helpful if the reality you’re living in is not the one you’d like it to be.

Meditation that works is not about “spacing out” to groovy tunes or transporting yourself to an imagined paradise island. Getting a massage at the spa feels ooh so good, but as soon as you’re back on your office chair, it’s all gone. To make meditation work for yourself means becoming (and staying) acutely awake and completely aware of everything that makes up your life, your mind, your body, your goals, your problems, your thoughts, your failures, your wishes, your ambitions. When you meditate, you learn to stay awake and strong in the face of adversity, to keep breathing when there is no air, and to act rather than react.

A consistent meditation practice is among the most simple and effective ways known to solve many of the issues that hinder us from living our potential, or just, ya know, to live a good life. Once you learn to not space out, not avert your eyes, not run away—but stay, calmly, with whatever reality might be for you right now, you’ll be on the way to … dare I say it? … happiness.

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The basic Sit With Matt one-session format comprises 15 minutes of instruction, followed by 30 minutes of anapana meditation. If you need more time to discuss your problems, challenges or goals, please contact me for coaching sessions.

If you have no experience at all, do not worry as the 15 minutes before our first session will be enough for you to learn everything you need to know. And please keep in mind that we are all beginners. After decades of working with and on my Self, I’ve come a bit along this way … maybe ten millimetres, with several light-years still ahead of me. It really doesn’t matter how far you’ve come; what matters is that you’re on your way.

All sessions are 1-on-1. There will be no one else present except you and me. Book the offer below when you are ready to start, restart, or solidify your meditation practice. There are no restrictions on entry.

Looking forward to sitting with you!


Single Session
€ 40*

£ 35 / JP¥ 5.000 / US$ 48

A 45-minute appointment with ~15 minutes of instruction plus ~30 minutes of meditation. Book your date and time slot online (time zone magic included) and pay by credit card.
Book a Session

€ 200*

Available after we had at least three 1-on-1 sessions. Valid 21 days after purchase.

10-Day Intensive
€ 2.000*

A course of two sessions daily, one full hour each, one in the morning and one in the evening (in your time zone) plus a 1-hour coaching session before and afterwards. You mustn’t miss a single session during the course.


I offer courses and mediation sessions tailored to your team or organization. Let’s talk to discuss details.

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* If you are located within an EU member state and you book this service as an end customer, all fees include VAT. In all other cases, fees include no (0 %) VAT. Contact me for corporate rates and VAT information. Your employer might be able to write off the fees as a tax-exempt expense. If you are self-employed, ask your tax advisor if you can write off the fees as (e. g.) coaching or training expenses.